10 The World’s Fastest Roller Coasters

The World’s Speediest Thrill rides

Good Specify: Xcelerator – 82 mph

Do you have a requirement for speed? Need to test your strength against the world’s speediest metal behemoths? The world’s 11 speediest crazy rides are altogether made of steel (no wood liner right now splits the rundown), arrived in an assortment of outlines, and utilize a combination of dispatch frameworks to launch their rides into the record books. Hold tight. Seven of the speediest crazy rides reach or surpass 100 mph. Yowser!

Fastest Roller Coasters

On the off chance that you are searching for expedient woodies, see the quickest wooden thrill rides. What’s more, in the event that you need to ride a group of napkins, find which amusement parks have the most thrill rides on the planet. Rather than amount, possibly you go more for nature of rushes. Assuming this is the case, look at my summary of the 11 scariest liners.

Fair Say: Xcelerator-82 mph

  • Knott’s Berry Homestead, Buena Stop, California
  • Water powered dispatch rocket liner

Impressively littler and slower than either Kingda Ka or Best Excite Hot rod (yet at the same time bounty tall at 205 feet), the comparative Xcelerator in any case achieves a bone-rattling velocity in a matter of seconds. It surely doesn’t feel a heckuva part slower than its colossal cousins when you are hurtling down its straight dispatch track gazing at the best cap tower ahead. On the off chance that speed is relative, consider Xcelerator moderately quick.

Furius Baco – 84 mph

  • PortAventura Stop, Salou, Tarragona, Spain
  • Water powered dispatch napkin

The totally one of a kind ride is intended for speed—and only speed. It has no slopes and couple of components. A wing napkin, its seats are outwardly of the track. Furius Baco conveys an incredible 4.7 Gs.

Goliath – 85 mph

  • Six Banners Enchantment Mountain, Valencia, California
  • Hypercoaster

Gracious, it’s quick good. In any case, quick for quick’s purpose isn’t really something to be thankful for with regards to napkins. A valid example: More than the concise grayout I felt on Thousand years Compel (number 8 on the quickest napkins commencement), I almost gone out from extraordinary positive G strengths while bearing Goliath’s rebuffing helixes.

Apparition’s Retribution – 85 mph

  • Kennywood, West Mifflin, Pennsylvania
  • Hypercoaster

The liner once known as Steel Ghost appeared with four reversals. As The Crazy ride at New York New York illustrates, reversals at such high speeds can be rebuffing. Recasting the ride as Apparition’s Vengeance in 2001, Kennywood jettisoned the circles, in this way putting the emphasis on the napkin’s effective speed (where, I trust, the attention has a place on hypercoasters).

Titan – 85 mph

  • Six Banners Over Texas, Arlington, Texas
  • Hypercoaster

The 3-moment and-30-second ride, which utilizes a customary lift chain, takes off down a 255-foot initially drop and zooms through a 120-foot long passage. It is like Goliath at Six Banners Enchantment Mountain.

Intimidator 305 – 90 mph

  • Rulers Domain, Doswell, Virginia
  • Out and back Giga-Liner

As a “Giga-Liner,” Intimidator 305 is about wild stature, exceptional G-strengths, and, obviously, insane speed. Disregard reversals or gimmicky components. Think madly quick.

Note that not long after Intimidator 305 opened in 2010, Lords Domain included trim brakes which hindered its unique speed of 94 mph. In 2011, Lords Domain adjusted the ride and expelled the trim brakes. That set it back in the speed rankings however at a marginally slower 90 mph.

Leviathan – 92 mph

  • Canada’s Wonderland, Maple, Ontario, quite recently outside Toronto
  • Out and back Giga-Liner

The quickest liner in Canada, Leviathan is the principal Giga-Napkin from Bolliger and Mabillard, producers of super-smooth and smooth liners. Given B&M’s “track” record, it’s nothing unexpected that Leviathan is very smooth, in spite of its wild speed.

Thousand years Constrain – 93 mph

  • Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio
  • Out and back Giga-Liner

Cedar Point adores quick napkins. Truth be told, it has two that made the world’s speediest excite machines list. Coming to an (actually) confounding 93 mph, the ride is intense to the point that I encountered a terrified “grayout” minute when I rode it. Strangely, after its frightening initially drop, I discovered Thousand years Drive to some degree dreary.

Rage 325 – 95 mph

  • Carowinds, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Out and back Giga-Napkin

At its presentation in 2015, Fierceness 325 laid claim as the world’s tallest (at, wouldn’t you know it, 325 feet) Giga-Liner. Like Steel Winged serpent 2000, Wrath 325 utilizations a conventional lift slope to climb its tremendous lift slope.

Steel Mythical beast 2000 – 95 mph

  • Nagashima Spa Land, Nagashima, Japan
  • Out and back land napkin

Not at all like the rides that tail it on the world’s quickest thrill rides list, Steel Mythical serpent 2000 utilizations a customary lift slope (rising a momentous 318 feet). It requires a loooooong investment to climb that slope, however the result is a face-dissolving rate of 95 mph.

Escape from Krypton – 100 mph

  • Six Banners Enchantment Mountain, Valencia, California
  • Attractive enlistment carry napkin

Superman: Escape from Krypton has a mind blowing 415-foot tall tower. It holds the qualification of being the main napkin to achieve 100 mph. When it appeared in 1997 (as Superman: The Escape), it was the world’s tallest and quickest liner. Be that as it may, it regularly fell short of its hypothetical best speed of 100 mph when it was running. The prototypical ride frequently separated.

In 2011, Six Banners made Superman over with new autos, and it is running higher and probably quicker. It additionally does not have as much downtime.

Tower of Dread II – 100 mph

  • Dreamworld, Queensland, Australia
  • Attractive acceptance carry liner

Utilizing attractive engines like the Superman ride at Six Banners Enchantment Mountain, Tower of Fear (which has nothing to do with the same-named Disney drop tower ride) dispatches straight ahead, ascents up a L-formed track, stops at the best, and follows its course backwards achieving 100 mph in the two bearings.

Dodonpa – 107 mph

  • Fuji-Q Good country, Yamanashi, Japan
  • F1 Push Air napkin

Utilizing a compacted air dispatch, Dodonpa goes from 0 to 107 mph in just shy of two seconds. Dissimilar to Germany’s ring racer, the Fuji-Q Good country liner races here and there a 170-foot top cap tower at 90 degrees. The entire ride times in at 55 seconds.

Red Compel – 112 mph

  • PortAventura Stop, Salou, Tarragona, Spain
  • Attractive acceptance rocket liner
  • Planned to open in 2017 as a component of Ferrari Land (inside PortAventura), Red Drive will utilize attractive engines to dispatch its trains at 112 mph towards a best cap tower that will appear to be like Best Excite Hot rod and Kingda Ka (which are recorded later in the quickest napkin rankings). It will be the quickest and tallest napkin in Europe.

Top Excite Speedster – 120 mph

  • Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio
  • Water driven dispatch rocket liner

At 120 mph, Top Excite Speedster has an able dashing auto subject. Not exclusively does it achieve nerve-rattling velocities, its pressure driven dispatch framework slings riders from 0 to yee-ahhhhh! in a matter of moments.

  • Read a survey of Best Excite Speedster
  • More Cedar Point Information:
  • Magnum XL-200 – Audit of the first hypercoaster and one-time liner speed champ.
  • Kingda Ka – 128 mph
  • Six Banners Extraordinary Enterprise, Jackson, New Jersey
  • Water powered dispatch rocket liner

Kingda Ka is the quickest thrill ride in the Unified States. It was the quickest liner on the planet for a couple of years yet has since been overshadowed. (It is as yet the tallest, in any case.) It’s like Best Excite Hot rod (albeit quicker), however it feels rougher. On the off chance that speed is the thing that you are after, Kingda Ka conveys.

Equation Rossa – 149.1 mph

  • At Ferrari World on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, some portion of the Assembled Bedouin Emirates
  • Pressure driven dispatch napkin produced by Intamin AG of Switzerland

Honorable men (and women), begin your motors! The speediest thrill ride on the planet achieves a shocking best speed of 149.1 mph (240 kmh). That, liner fans, is quick. Recipe Rossa quickens from 0 to 100 km (62 miles) in 2 seconds, climbs 52m (171 feet), and creates 1.7 Gs.

The ride begins inside the indoor amusement stop, quickens through the vault, goes outside the recreation center, and comes back to the stacking station inside the building. The prepare’s autos look like conspicuous red Recipe One Ferraris (and go as quick). It is so extraordinary, travelers are issued goggles to ensure their eyes.

Best Cute Romantic Good Night Love Quotes

good night love quotes

check out the most beautiful good night love quotes collection to express the love to others

Good night my good friends
May the difficulties
of our journey
not rob
our joy
of living,
our faith
in conquering …

I would like to leave you all my “GOOD EVENING”
in the certainty that you will sleep in peace and have a splendid dawn …

Good evening.
Our heart is read daily by others,
In the word we send,
in the sentence we write,
in the commitment we make or in the gestures
we practice … Kisses

Good evening!!
Our greatest glory is not that we never fall, but that we always get up after each fall …
That you have a great weekend in the soul …

Good evening!!! If today did not work, do not give up, tomorrow will be a new day, try again.

Good evening!!! If I was weak today, tomorrow I will start again differently.

Good night my good friends
Only the sun seems absent
From this gloomy evening
Fulfills its omnipotent role
Leaving the river boring
To go shine in the east …

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Helena, you’re not coming. Just good night.

Even though the night has already stretched, it is still time to say:
Good evening my friend !!!

After more than an hour
Continues a gentle and serene rain
Gives up the desire to increase the delay
In this city where I lived since small – good night love quotes

LIFE is an eternal passion,
we must fall in love with what we do, we have and desire
An ardor that moves us to accomplish and conquer the fruit of it
gives us life and strength to continue in the struggle … it
is the sweet seasoning of the heat of Our days.

Romantic Good Night Love Quotes

Sleep, to get closer to the dream, and
further from the impossible. Good evening!

Do not try to do Hari’s cosplay if you’re Jinx. Good evening.

Besides, I just want to stay on your side forever. Good night, my angel, and may our journey be full of joys and surprises

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Good night good night
Before bed,
remember me without smiling …
I want to see it succeed.

One good night; And before bed, thank God for today; And permission and strength for tomorrow. Having an attitude of gratitude is a wonder, or more. Have good dreams. To dream does not hurt anyone, bad is to have nightmares.

Good night my dear friends
Now everything is normalized
The energy has returned
The cell phone is loaded
The rain has stopped
The sun is gone without being photographed …

Good night my good friends
May your night be serene
even if your bed is small …
May your sunrise the sun warm
even if your dreams you forget …

Cute Good Night Love Quotes

I’m so happy, I cannot find words to say how much I like you. Good evening!

It’s never late,
good evening to you! It’s never too late to send a kiss and a hug to a person we like.

Once I got a note – if it’s a spell I’d rather be spellbound – A good night dear Witch!

But bah, I do not know if I’ll send you kisses or hugs on good night …
But I’ll send you both, because your friendship fills my spaces …

Maybe another good night will make you feel homesick and run to my house.

Time to let the darkness take over and wait for the sleep to arrive with the lights of the angels …
Good evening, friends !!!

Top 10 Causes of Acne

Causes of Acne

The acne drama is common for many people. As well as the reasons that lead to the outbreak of this condition. Acne is commonly perceived in the face, neck, chest and shoulders. And they can arise for several reasons. See in this selection, the 10 biggest causes of acne.
When determining the cause of acne, you need to be careful . After that, try to keep track of everything you eat, and apply on the skin or purchase of cosmetic product. It is indicated to do research on treatment for the condition before doing something

Sebaceous Glands

The reason is that acne prone areas contain most of the sebaceous glands. These glands are one of the small glands that are found near the surface of the skin. These are trapped with small holes that pierce the skin where the hair follicles appear. In boys, testosterone causes the body to release more sebum.

Dead Skin Cells

These cells block the pores and do not allow the skin to repair itself. The oil glands are connected to the hair follicles. The oily substance is useful for lubricating the skin and hair.
When dead skin cells and oil clog the pores of the hair follicles, this results in acne. And it creates a soft cap, where the bacteria form. The condition can lead to infection or inflammation.

Bacteria grow in these follicles and lead to pimples and blackheads. Sometimes the clogging creates pressure that causes the sebum to leak into the nearby tissues and papules if they form that they have denomination as inflammatory acne.
This develops when the oil is unable to escape due to dead cells and bacteria grow in clogged pores, resulting in acne. And the bacteria are eighth position in this selection of the 10 biggest causes of acne.

Cosmetic products when presenting ingredients that are sensitive to skin can result in acne. For example, skin creams contain ingredients that clog pores or tissues that cause irritation to the skin, being some factors.
Acne is also caused if you do not remove the makeup properly, and do not change the pillowcases or sheets, or if you use dirty makeup brushes. So hygiene is paramount and stop using products that are causing outbreaks.

Some people are sensitive to certain food products such as milk, iodine, sugar, soybeans, among others, which results in acne. Not only that, food allergies can lead to outbreaks. So try to avoid foods that cause allergy. If you do not know what foods cause acne to the skin, consult your doctor for treatment.

Functions of Protection of the Skin

Dry skin can also be a cause for acne. When the skin becomes irritated, it becomes red, there is itching and tingling which is also a favorable condition for acne. Examine one’s own skin and understand the underlying problem. The skin has the ability to provide hydration and protect against dust and dirt.

Medications and Health Problems

People suffering from diseases like thyroid, metabolic diseases, digestive imbalances, and a few others, can be a reason for the outbreak of acne. Sometimes acne can be a symptom of underlying health illness. Some types of drugs containing lithium, androgens or corticosteroids can increase the problem of acne.

Stress and Little Sleep

Researchers have found that increasing acne can be due to stress. Sebum is produced in greater amounts during times of stress. Sometimes acne is also found in newborns, passed by the mother due to the stress of birth, which causes the hormones to release by themselves.
But that does not mean that every time there is stress will result in acne. Little sleep creates havoc on the skin. Sleeping may not directly cause acne, but proper rest will help the skin reinvigorate itself.

The toxins that accumulate in the body can not be easily released; Even sweat does not carry these toxins. With its release, this results like acne. And it’s not like at all times that toxin is released, come up like acne. The body has the ability to develop and do cleansing by itself.


Acne is the most common problem faced by teenagers. Some studies say that this may also be genetic. Just as everyone knows that genes play an important role in skin development. If a parent has acne problem, there is a chance the child will suffer from it.
By following the regular care routine with the skin, this can reduce the chances of having acne because of the genes. Remember to not follow the skin products that worked for your parents, this may not be useful for you. The most important part in treating acne is to eliminate the oil from the skin cells.

Deepest Places On Earth In The World

deepest place on earth

It is well known that there are extensions of layers between the ground and the solid core of the Earth, somewhere around 6437 km away. But what is the closeness that a person can get to the core of the earth? There are places on Earth that naturally come to unbelievable depths, and then there are man – made structures that try to play it.
In this selection are highlighted the 10 deepest places on Earth. This selection could easily consist of no less than oceanic trenches, but for consideration of variety were included some other deep places, some of which are accessible, but most are not.

Well Woodingdean

Down to 259.08 meters below sea level, is Woodingdean Well digging by hand deeper in the world and was started in 1858. It took four years to complete and in total were 391.6 meters, although the initial plan was to dig 121.9 meters only. The hole is still there, deep, but it was covered in surface level.

Tagebau Hambach

The 292.9 meters below sea level, the Tagebau Hambach mine is a lignite mine opened in Elsdorf, Germany and is the deepest mine in the world open. The entire mine has 369.7 meters deep and contains the largest excavator in the world, which removes around 24,000 tons of lignite every day.

El Zacatón

Something that is not artificial, the hole deeper flow of the world. These sites are a natural phenomenon curious, since simply appear on Earth without warning and when this occurs in populated areas, the devastation can be terrible.
However, this is not new, Zacatón in Mexico has existed since Pleistocene, and is a resource natural beautiful, full of water. And follows the 338.9 meters, this below sea level, which was measured by an automated robot.

lake Baikal

Another natural wonder, the Lake Baikal in Russia is the deepest in the world, reaching down to 1641.9 meters. There have been enough exploration of the lake.
And with the Russian Academy of Sciences sending a small submersible down in 2008, they reached the depth of 1578.8 meters, failing to break the world record for the deepest freshwater dive.


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Cave Krubera Voronya

The Voronya cave in Georgia is the deepest cave in the world, down to 2196.9 meters. The cave actually has two names, Krubera was designated in the 1960s, because of the Russian geographer Alexander Kruber, but the explorers who came later called the cave “Cave Voronya”.

Kidd Mine

The Earth’s deepest mine is Mponeng in South Africa, at a depth of 3999.8 meters. However, the mine following the deeper below sea level is the Kidd in Ontario, Canada, which reaches 2733.1 meters below sea level.
The total depth is around 3048 meters and as far north as the It is characterized closest to the Earth’s center than any mine.

Litke Deep

Here the Arctic deep moat, Litke Deep in Eurasia basin. A 350 km north of the “Arctic desert” of Syalbard, it is one of Earth’s extremes, so as it is very deep, 5450.1 meters is also very cold. It is twenty deepest ocean trench in the world, and probably one of the most inhospitable places on the planet.

Milwaukee Deep

There are many deep pits in the Atlantic Ocean. But the deeper one is the Puerto Rico Trench, and specifically the Milwaukee Deep, which reaches 8741.6 meters below sea level.
It is found at 122.3 km north of Puerto Rico, and has the name because of USS Milwaukee, who discovered the depth on February 14, 1939, and recorded the reading of 8796.5 meters.

Mariana Trench

5 deeper moats are all in the Pacific Ocean, Tonga, Philippine, Kuril-Kamchatka and Kermadec, are all over 9144 meters deep, but the deepest of them is Mariana Trench in impressive depth of 10,970.9 meters.
Being the deepest in the world, has been the subject of quite operation and at one point there was intense competition between the entrepreneur Richard Branson and filmmaker James Cameron about who could reach the bottom first.

Kola Borehole Superdeep

The deepest place on Earth is somewhere that has never been accessed by humans, but is man – made. This is the Kola Superdeep Borehole and is the deepest hole ever drilled, to 12,262.1 meters, underground.
The current record holder for the largest cavity is Odoptu OP-11 well to 12345.01 meters, but Kola Borehole remains the hole deeper below the surface already drilled, then being leading position in this selection, the 10 deepest places on Earth.

10 Highest Paid Singers In The World

Highest Paid Singers

Check out what are the 10 highest paid singers in the world, according to Forbes, in relation to
the year 2014. As in the male of the music, women have gained enviable figures in the world of
hits, shows and million dollar contracts advertising. The singer is best placed this year, Beyoncé,
doubled earnings compared to 2013, when grossed US $ 53 million. In 2014, with 95 shows and
advertising contracts with H & M and Pepsi won something around US $ 115 million.
She and the other mega stars of this selection are mostly pop genre, showing much success of this
musical style in particular.

Britney Spears – $ 20 million

Their latest album Britney Jean was greeted with a warm reception and sales have not matched; is
her first album not earned platinum certification or gold in the United States.
But Britney continues to fill their pockets, thanks largely to a house in Las Vegas shows that
began to pay this big star US $ 315,000 per show, and there are rumors that have grown to about $
500,000 per night, with Britney tenth position in this selection of the 10 highest-paid singers in
the world.

Lady Gaga – US $ 33 million

The Queen Monster’s earnings continue to fall from its peak in 2011 of $ 90 million. Part of the
reason is that their third studio album, Artpop, failed to produce the same success as his previous
But still, Gaga still one of the most influential pop stars in the world, and at 28 years old, she
has time left to jump back to the top of success.

Celine Dion – $ 36 million

Here there is a tie between Celine Dion and Miley Cyrus. Although Celine Dion does not receive as
much media attention as younger stars like Cyrus and Perry, Dion continued to maintain sustained
gains department. Its lucrative fixed shows Las Vegas is the main reason, and other shows around
Europe and his native Canada, help to add million.

Miley Cyrus – US $ 36 million

In relation to Miley Cyrus, after overcoming Hannah Montana, adult star is surprising every time.
MTV Video Music Awards shocked many people still saw Cyrus as a little girl, but attention helped
to drive sales. His latest album Bangerz, went platinum, and she continues to reap big checks of
their tour.

Jennifer Lopez – US $ 37 million

The former contestant of American Idol, Lopez is back as a judge this year. And while around it
does not help the audience rating, Fox offered Lopez a platform to launch their newest album, AKA
Lopez, and participated in the Pitbull song, We Are One, which was the official song for the World

Katy Perry – $ 40 million

Perry just presented 20 public shows during scoring period, but even with a schedule of very modest
shows, the pop star is still one of the biggest winners in its segment.
It is not afraid of extra endorsing brands like CoverGirl and Pop Chips, along with its own Coty
fragrance, Killer Queen. Perry also makes a lot of private events.

Rihanna – US $ 48 million

Perhaps the perfect embodiment of the modern pop star, a native of Barbados 26 years old shakes
radio hits as We Found Love and Diamonds, and collaborates with the likes of Jay-Z and Eminem. But
she also uses social media better than almost anyone, with over 37 million Twitter followers and 90
million Facebook.

Pink – US $ 52 million

Though she may not have exactly the same name recognition as some of the other stars in this
selection, Pink is quietly adding large amounts of money to their coffers.
She presented more than 85 concerts during the period considered, grossing more than $ 1 million
per city, at the top, she pushed for recorded music sales and endorsements with the likes of
CoverGirl, Pink and third position in this selection of the 10 highest-paid singers in the world.

Taylor Swift – US $ 64 million

While Taylor completes its transition from country to pop, it is having the best year of her
career, positively gains. She continues to take money from live shows, recorded music and
endorsements for Diet Coke, Keds and CoverGirl.
The new album in 1989 looks set to become top sales of the year, driven by sales of more than 1
million units in the first week and Taylor is second in the selection of the 10 highest-paid
singers in the world.

Beyonce – $ 115 million

Also popularly known as Queen B, Beyoncé had the biggest year of his career, thanks mainly to large
tour success. The superstar singer presented 95 shows during the scoring period considered,
bringing on average $ 2.4 million per city, according to Pollstar . On his latest album, Beyoncé,
released on iTunes in December 2013, with almost no advertising, and quickly became one of the top
sellers of the year.

mensagens para namorado de amor

mensagens para namorado de amor“Ele faz algo para mim, aquele menino. Toda vez. É sua única desvantagem. Ele pisa no meu coração. Ele me faz chorar. ”

“Eu a amava contra a razão, contra a promessa, contra a paz, contra a esperança, contra a felicidade, contra tudo o desânimo que poderia ser.”

“Eu quero
Para fazer com você o que primavera faz com as cerejeiras. ”

Veja mais em: Mensagens para celular

“Tenha coragem suficiente para confiar no amor mais uma vez e sempre mais uma vez.”

“Deixar ir não significa que você não se preocupa com alguém mais. É só perceber que a única pessoa que você realmente tem controle sobre é você mesmo. ”

“Como se escreve ‘amor’?” – Leitão
“Você não introduzi-lo … você sente isso.” – Pooh ”

“Eu estou dizendo que eu sou um temperamental, inseguro, tacanho, ciumento, cadela homicida fronteira, e eu quero que você me prometa que você está bem com isso, porque é quem eu sou, e você é o que Eu preciso.”

“Um dia você vai beijar um homem que você não pode respirar sem, e descobrir que a respiração é de pouca importância.”

“Então eu percebo o que é. É ele. Algo sobre ele me faz sentir como eu estou a ponto de cair. Ou transformar em líquido. Ou explodir em chamas. ”

“Prometa-me que nunca vou esquecer-me porque se eu pensei que você, eu nunca iria deixar.”

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“As coisas que perdem têm uma maneira de voltar para nós, no final, se não sempre da maneira que esperamos.”

“Qualquer pessoa que se apaixona está procurando as peças que faltam de si mesmos. Então, quem está apaixonado fica triste quando eles pensam de sua amante. É como voltar dentro de uma sala que você tem boas lembranças de, um que você não tenha visto em muito tempo. ”

“Foi difícil?”, Pergunto.
Deixando ir?”

Não é tão duro como segurando em algo que não era real “.

“Arte e amor são a mesma coisa: É o processo de ver-se em coisas que não são você.”

No dicionário
Não sair: um ato de confiança e amor,
muitas vezes decifrado por crianças ”

“Você não poderia reviver a sua vida, ignorando as partes terríveis, sem perder o que valeu a pena. Você tinha que aceitá-la como um todo – como o mundo, ou a pessoa que você amava “.

“Hoje à noite eu posso escrever os versos mais tristes
Eu a amava, e às vezes ela também me amou. ”

“Talvez … você vai se apaixonar por tudo me outra vez.”
“Inferno”, eu disse, “Eu te amo o suficiente agora. O que você quer fazer? Arruinar-me?”
“Sim. Eu quero arruiná-lo.”
“Bom”, eu disse. “Isso é o que eu quero também.”

“Eu imploro sua boca, sua voz, seu cabelo.
Silencioso e faminto, eu rondar pelas ruas.
Pão não me nutrir, amanhecer me perturba, durante todo o dia
Eu caço para a medida de líquido dos seus passos.

Estou faminto por sua risada elegante,
suas mãos a cor de uma colheita selvagem,
a fome para as pedras pálidas de suas unhas,
Eu quero comer sua pele como uma amêndoa inteira.

Eu quero comer a queima raio de sol em seu corpo lindo,
nariz soberana do seu rosto arrogante,
Eu quero comer à sombra fugaz de seus cílios,

e eu andar ao redor com fome, farejando o crepúsculo,
caça para você, para o seu coração quente,
Como um puma no Barrens de Quitratue. ”
“A felicidade [é] única real quando compartilhada”
“O começo do amor é a vontade de deixar as pessoas que amamos ser perfeitamente si, a resolução não torcer para caber nossa própria imagem. Em caso de amá-los não amamos o que são, mas apenas a sua semelhança potencial para nós, então nós não amá-los: só amar o reflexo de nós mesmos encontramos neles “

signs that you are addicted to social networks

Top 10 signs that you are addicted to social networksBeing “addicted” to social networks may sound ridiculous at first, but can actually be a serious problem. As well as being addicted to other things, addiction to social network can have consequences and negatively affect their lives. In this selection are highlighted 10 signs that you are addicted to social networking.

Do you plan the use of social networking

A real sign that there is likely to have a problem is if you spent time thinking about the social network or planning to use the same. You can be in a meeting at work where you really have no way to use the phone, but instead of listening to the boss himself, the reality is dreaming of checking facebook or instagram

Do you use social networking to forget their problems

Many people use social networking as a way to escape from their real problems. If too much time checking out what other people are doing, just so you can forget about their own problems, there is a risk of having another issue that was not realized.
Perhaps a better alternative would share some of the problems with the followers to be advised or consoled instead of sticking your head in the virtual sand.

You feel helpless

People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol may have physical withdrawal symptoms, and social media is something. If for any reason there is no way to access the mobile phone or computer for a long period of time, there is a possibility to start feeling restless or disturbed.
Being addicted to social network can not only mental, but could also affect the own physicist. Risk of getting agitated and roll in bed wanting to check Facebook account or Snapchat.

It is experiencing a negative impact

Although this type of environment can sometimes help worker productivity, an addiction to social networking can really take charge and make it difficult to even think about work. Just imagine teenagers at home trying to do homework, when the cell of them is very close, so definitely not a good combination.

Social networking is the main form of communication

There is nothing wrong with using a little bit of free time to be in the social network, but an interesting thing is that now many people are using it as their main form of communication.
Instead of using the phone to its known function call connection, or to send text messages, many people are using Facebook’s messenger as the main way to contact someone.

It’s the first thing you do in the morning

So what’s the first thing people do in the morning? Use the bathroom, take a shower, brush their teeth or gobble breakfast? The answer for many people is currently checking your social media accounts.
You can need to wake up 30 minutes before just to get enough time to check all social networks and see what’s going on that day.

You take pictures of everything

The person knows that is taking a lot of pictures when not even keep the photo in the personal album after post on the social network. The social networking platform like Facebook and Twitter encourage use of images.
While others like Instagram and Snapchat were made for just that. Even it may be interesting to see pictures of friends and family sometimes, people do not need to see 20 photos of each day the other.

You share too

Share too goes hand in hand with the draw and post as many photos on the social network accounts. There are things in abundance to post on social networks, but there are some things that should be kept to yourself.
If you want to keep everyone informed about the important things in life, go ahead, but people do not need to know everything, every detail .

It is the basis of self-esteem

Search make people curtam or retuitem threads of the social network is acceptable, but leave their online popularity to determine self-esteem, can actually turn into a big problem. Being addicted to social networking is bad, but depend on it is even worse.

Reload obsessively

The worst sign is addicted to social networks is to update obsessively. If you like to see who responds or likes tweets, or just can not wait for the last post of favorite celebrity, update over and over again is a clear sign that you have a problem with social networking.
Many social networking apps automatically update then show that can not wait for an extra few seconds is a real bad sign of being addicted to social networks.

Top 10 pickup trucks world’s most expensive

top-10-pickup-trucks-worlds-most-expensiveThe pickup trucks are the basic need of most people when they need to carry more baggage, people, while traveling to distant places. They have strength and power to carry up to a ton on the roads. And in this selection are highlighted the 10 pickup trucks more expensive in the world in the production line.

GMC Sierra 1500 4WD Denali

GMC is a brand that is known for creating sharp and sturdy cars for people passionate about travel very latest technology. This is one of his last pickup trucks introduced in the market with a price of US $ 52,860.
Most people think it’s a truck, but it is not true, because it has full leather interior and V8 engine in it, which has 355 horsepower, showing its high capacity.

Ford F-250 Platinum

It is a super truck respect so classic and leading the market for many years. It is available in different shapes and colors and sold at a high price of US $ 54,077. And it comes with V8 engine, Powerstroke diesel engine, and many other latest features. Its interior is super luxurious and highlights with all the latest technology.

Chevrolet Silverado 2500 4WD High Country

Here comes the well known brand Chevrolet with its luxury pickup truck that is specially produced for heavy duty with high price of US $ 56,875.
It is the luxury vehicle that is considered as the best family hauler with 7 wheels to provide the perfect driving. It is very attractive and luxurious pickup truck, the best routes for long and comfortable trips with special class.

GMC Sierra 2500 Denali

Again, here comes the truck GMC is one option heavy both in price of US $ 57,745. Its latest edition also added special 4 wheels on the market, which is very comfortable and luxurious super.
And it comes with V8 engine, 360 horsepower turbo engine that is the reason to be high value. And it presents all the inner skills of luxury and glamor being decorated with aluminum and leather material.

Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD

Chevrolet again appears with a perfect and latest pickup which is also a 4 wheels and comes with V8 engine that has 360 horsepower and nearly turbocharged Duramax, which is incredible feature in it.
And it’s not a cheap option because its price is US $ 57,975, but its price will not disappoint buyers. The version of the Silverado is amazing and the next version in 2017 should surprise people again.

RAM 2500 Power Wagon Laramie

It is the product that was first introduced in 1940 and is still present in the market with many improvements and innovations in it. It’s super heavy service model available at a price of US $ 57,040. The whole of this car interior is made of pure leather and wood.

RAM 3500 Crew Cab Limited

RAM 3500 is considered as the most powerful truck, luxurious and more resistant on the market being sold at a high price of $ 70,000.
It is made in very limited numbers to increase their demand and comes with V8 engine that has 6-speed gearbox automatic therein. The turbo diesel is also available in the market with almost US $ 9,000 more expensive than normal value because of their specialty.

GMC Sierra 3500 Denali 2WD DURAMAX

Here appears GMC Sierra 3500 that is slightly larger than standard trucks which are sold, but its price reaches $ 70,000. And it presents with a turbo engine that comes with 2 double wheels, and full of totally interesting interior specialties for this high price, is third in this selection of 10 pickup trucks more expensive in the world.
It is considered as the truck more powerful already introduced the market, the company believes to introduce another powerful monster in the years that will completely shock the public.

Ford F-150 Platinum Supercab

Ford F0150 is the pickup of best selling, high aluminum product and completely worth the price, which is more than $ 70,000, and second place in this selection of 10 pickup trucks more expensive in the world.
It is the company’s newest product introduced in market and suitable for those who want a pickup truck with luxury like a Mercedes, and this car is exactly as such.

Ford F-450 Platinum

Finally here we present the best and most expensive truck available in the world at the price of $ 78,000. It is made with the latest technology and latest market introduction for all car lovers. It is a very stylish pickup truck, and is the most powerful, also because of its features and interior make it luxurious and best choice in the world, with leading position in this selection of 10 pickup trucks more expensive in the world.
It is also available in the market F -250 and F-350 Platinum, which contains only the difference in their capabilities. There are also the engine options 6.7 Power Stroke diesel V8 and the 6.2 petrol.

things about the female period that men will never understand

top-things-about-the-female-period-that-men-will-never-understandMen often do not understand what is happening during the woman’s menstrual cycle. This is the natural method body to prepare the woman to procreate and delivery, which also features a very difficult time for them. In this selection are highlighted 10 things about the female period that men will never understand.

The uterus swells to ridiculous sizes

A medium uterus, healthy and empty, i.e. without pregnancy, and appears in any normal day of the month. When the woman is in her period, the uterus is twice as high and twice as heavy. It is no wonder that women have pain, because the size is huge! The uterus actually doubles in size and weight while the woman is in her period.

The woman will ruin at least one outfit in the month

Even if women have caution to control their own periods, the excitement comes, and something will happen that will ruin the clothes of women. Sometimes they are not brought enough absorbent when she is away from home all day, for example.

Periods are totally unpredictable

The periods vary in intensity from month to month. It can be mild and painless in a month, and then as a bloody scene next month. Yes, it’s disgusting! And women have to deal with it every month. It is difficult to plan for the future when the bodies shaking things on monthly basis.

The TPM does not happen while the woman is in the period

Men tend to blame the intense emotional reactions and hormonal surges on the female period. Women’s hormones appear before periods.
There is a wide variety of symptoms that come with PMS, tender breasts, food cravings, fatigue, migraines and depression, to name a few. Just as the intensity of a period, the intensity of the TPM varies.

The lining of the uterus is being lost, and it hurts

Before and during ovulation, when women are more likely to become pregnant, estrogen and progesterone accumulate in the lining of the uterus of women.
If a woman is pregnant, the fertilized egg attaches to this coating, and nourish the egg. If a woman is not pregnant, then the levels of these hormones decline and the uterine lining and unfertilized egg are removed because they are no longer needed.
The female body releases a mixture of natural chemicals that make the lining of the walls of the uterus. It’s like peeling a veneer of wood piece. And out gradually, with time and rubbing. Now just imagine the same process in the uterus, it hurts.

Upload unlimited supply absorbers is expensive and upsets

If the woman is in her period, you have to carry at least three absorbent, more extras, depending on how intense the period is that day, and is still more necessary to control the pain that comes with this stage. Not to mention the money spent in relation to vaginal bleeding every time, which is not little.

The energy of the woman disappears

When the female comes period, the female energy disappears for the foreseeable future. Before having medications to control the pain of menstrual cramps or hygiene products to keep clean, women in their periods were on bed rest at that stage. The body is going through a lot and needs rest.

They want to eat everything, but everything is bad

The period is the insatiably hungry women. It is part of the body feeling like that in a recovery state. Women want to sleep and want food.
Hormones growing as the female period balance with serotonin and cortisol. Therefore, women crave foods rich in these chemicals, such as fried foods and sugar. Unfortunately, after eating all, women feel nausea with incurable. The nausea that accompanies periods can be caused by several factors.

Women want to have sex, but do not touch

When women are in their periods, they feel sick. That does not mean do not want to have sex. The fluctuating hormones of them leave them excited, it is simply confusing. When having sex with someone in the period, it is almost guaranteed to be different from any other time. She feels sick, the body hurts, and it does not feel sexy.

The cycles of women do not synchronize

Here’s another urban myth, when women spend time together, their cycles synchronize. False. Although there are theories, absolutely no clinical evidence that this happens.
If this is true, it is due to pheromones women after acquire live with each other for long periods of time. However, there really proof. Most of these theories arises from women who lived together and said periods have stories about the same time.

Top 10 signs that your relationship is dead

signs-that-your-relationship-is-deadIt’s never easy to see that it’s time to end the relationship itself. For those involved, it is very difficult to see how that relationship is being detrimental to the couple . People who accompany the couple warn about this failed relationship, but often are not heard. It seems that the disruption is a correct decision, it does not make the easy attitude. And in this selection are highlighted 10 signs that your relationship is dead.

You prefer to be alone

For some people in an unhealthy relationship, you may think that your partner is constantly taking them down. At least when they are sleeping, it’s time that we know that there will be no fight. It is completely natural to want some time for yourself or the space itself.
If you get excited about the fact of being without a partner around or no interaction with it, then it is time to reflect on what is really doing there.

The future together is not exciting

For some relationships, the future is not a good thing to think about. They may face living in a future that does not necessarily want, but feel comfortable. The relationship should thrill both, and if not, it may be time to seek the reasons.

There is no certainty wedding

Some relationships follow for years and they are still undecided whether to get married. There are some issues in life that should be asked with absolute certainty and that the answer is wise. Ordering of marriage is one of these issues. It should be clear to both that marriage is the right decision.

Both have completely different life goals

This is the sad reality of life. You can have someone you love so much, but the two have different life goals, this may not work. This includes but is not limited to the questions as you like children. Completely different life goals between the couple is seventh in this selection.

No sexual chemistry

Adequate sex life is absolutely crucial to make a relationship work. A relationship with incompatible libido is bound to have numerous problems that evolve beyond the room. If sex is not a matter that the two can talk comfortably, you better work it.

Just do not try more

Relationships are not easy. They require a lot of work, but can be the most rewarding thing you will experience. Some days are hard, but these days it takes more love partner. One thing that keeps a relationship is well know that the partner will devote itself time and effort to help each other when needed

No confidence

This is a key reason is a betrayal can be so hard to overcome. Trust is key to a healthy relationship. If there is no trust, other aspects of the relationship itself can quickly end. It is possible that one of the partners become more paranoid and anxious about the behavior of the other.
This can make the person begin to transform the relationship itself in an area of stress as the opposite of a scenario of love. Trust, once broken, can be rebuilt, but it must be done over time and through plenty of hard work by both partners.

You do not “like” partner own

The person will spend the rest of your life with your partner, then it is important to make sure at least the corresponding interests. Sometimes couples come together for convenience or because they fall in love faster than expected. In these moments it is always essential to be evaluating what values and partner likes.

Both fail to communicate

Everyone has a different communication style. You need a person expect the partner to mingle with hers. If the two meet constantly fighting with each other, you need to ask yourself if this is normal.
Each has a different way of expressing love, and there is value in staying in a relationship where the person does not feel appreciated. It is even more difficult when trying to communicate the problems, but fall on deaf ears.
The lack of communication can be viewed as a lack of effort in a relationship. Once the two elements manifest themselves, the relationship can be difficult to save. The partners fail to communicate is second place in this selection, the 10 signs that your relationship is dead.

Time together is what keeps marriage

The love for the partner to grow every day, as the two constantly find different ways of showing love and appreciation for each other. The relationships mature may face problems.
Some relationships may struggle every day, but because they had been together for years or even decades, it may be more difficult to finish. It is even more difficult to be with someone who does not love the other, like this deserves. Never use the time together to be a justification for actions that are perceived as unacceptable.