Highest Paid Singers

Check out what are the 10 highest paid singers in the world, according to Forbes, in relation to
the year 2014. As in the male of the music, women have gained enviable figures in the world of
hits, shows and million dollar contracts advertising. The singer is best placed this year, Beyoncé,
doubled earnings compared to 2013, when grossed US $ 53 million. In 2014, with 95 shows and
advertising contracts with H & M and Pepsi won something around US $ 115 million.
She and the other mega stars of this selection are mostly pop genre, showing much success of this
musical style in particular.

Britney Spears – $ 20 million

Their latest album Britney Jean was greeted with a warm reception and sales have not matched; is
her first album not earned platinum certification or gold in the United States.
But Britney continues to fill their pockets, thanks largely to a house in Las Vegas shows that
began to pay this big star US $ 315,000 per show, and there are rumors that have grown to about $
500,000 per night, with Britney tenth position in this selection of the 10 highest-paid singers in
the world.

Lady Gaga – US $ 33 million

The Queen Monster’s earnings continue to fall from its peak in 2011 of $ 90 million. Part of the
reason is that their third studio album, Artpop, failed to produce the same success as his previous
But still, Gaga still one of the most influential pop stars in the world, and at 28 years old, she
has time left to jump back to the top of success.

Celine Dion – $ 36 million

Here there is a tie between Celine Dion and Miley Cyrus. Although Celine Dion does not receive as
much media attention as younger stars like Cyrus and Perry, Dion continued to maintain sustained
gains department. Its lucrative fixed shows Las Vegas is the main reason, and other shows around
Europe and his native Canada, help to add million.

Miley Cyrus – US $ 36 million

In relation to Miley Cyrus, after overcoming Hannah Montana, adult star is surprising every time.
MTV Video Music Awards shocked many people still saw Cyrus as a little girl, but attention helped
to drive sales. His latest album Bangerz, went platinum, and she continues to reap big checks of
their tour.

Jennifer Lopez – US $ 37 million

The former contestant of American Idol, Lopez is back as a judge this year. And while around it
does not help the audience rating, Fox offered Lopez a platform to launch their newest album, AKA
Lopez, and participated in the Pitbull song, We Are One, which was the official song for the World

Katy Perry – $ 40 million

Perry just presented 20 public shows during scoring period, but even with a schedule of very modest
shows, the pop star is still one of the biggest winners in its segment.
It is not afraid of extra endorsing brands like CoverGirl and Pop Chips, along with its own Coty
fragrance, Killer Queen. Perry also makes a lot of private events.

Rihanna – US $ 48 million

Perhaps the perfect embodiment of the modern pop star, a native of Barbados 26 years old shakes
radio hits as We Found Love and Diamonds, and collaborates with the likes of Jay-Z and Eminem. But
she also uses social media better than almost anyone, with over 37 million Twitter followers and 90
million Facebook.

Pink – US $ 52 million

Though she may not have exactly the same name recognition as some of the other stars in this
selection, Pink is quietly adding large amounts of money to their coffers.
She presented more than 85 concerts during the period considered, grossing more than $ 1 million
per city, at the top, she pushed for recorded music sales and endorsements with the likes of
CoverGirl, Pink and third position in this selection of the 10 highest-paid singers in the world.

Taylor Swift – US $ 64 million

While Taylor completes its transition from country to pop, it is having the best year of her
career, positively gains. She continues to take money from live shows, recorded music and
endorsements for Diet Coke, Keds and CoverGirl.
The new album in 1989 looks set to become top sales of the year, driven by sales of more than 1
million units in the first week and Taylor is second in the selection of the 10 highest-paid
singers in the world.

Beyonce – $ 115 million

Also popularly known as Queen B, Beyoncé had the biggest year of his career, thanks mainly to large
tour success. The superstar singer presented 95 shows during the scoring period considered,
bringing on average $ 2.4 million per city, according to Pollstar . On his latest album, Beyoncé,
released on iTunes in December 2013, with almost no advertising, and quickly became one of the top
sellers of the year.

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