1. 6-popular-myths-about-love-and-how-can-ruin-your-relationshipWomen are more romantic than men

Who spoke? In fact studies say there is a higher percentage of men than of women who believe in the phrase “only love truly once in a lifetime” and “if I love someone I can make the relationship work, despite the obstacles.”

The truth is that there is no separation of genders in relation to romanticism, some people are more romantic than others, being men or women!

2. True love lasts only a few months

Who has perpetuated this myth is talking about passion, not love. Passion is an intense feeling that occurs in the first few months of dating, where all emotions are more on. After this period, what is true love. One in which you give, fight, care, help, listen, is on the side in good times and bad. And this love, unlike the initial passion, can last a lifetime, yes!

Interesting Fact: to study the brains of couples who have been together a long time, a team of scientists found that the brain connections of these couples were identical to the newly in love but with one major difference: unlike the newly in love, who is next no longer does not show the same activity in the areas of anxiety and obsession!

3. Opposites attract

Perhaps inspired by Romeo and Juliet, two lovers from enemy families, this is one of the most common myths about love. The truth is that opposites can attract the differences (everyone likes to see different things, is not it?), But this opposition is only in fun passion times we referred above. With daily living, the differences often end in fights, especially when there are no common values and beliefs.

4. The first love is the truest

We heard that phrase many times but what actually happens is that the first love is the more striking because it is the first time I felt this strong emotion that is love. However, this does not mean it’s the more true in the life of a person. Love requires respect, time, dedication, camaraderie, friendship … and it can happen the first time you love or the following.

5. When two people love each other, never fight

No myth could be more wrong. We hear the stories of Disney end with “and they lived happily ever after” and hardly imagine the prince and the princess fighting over who will take the children to school or because one of them forgot to buy something important in the market. The fights are natural in all kinds of love, with either husband or wife, or between siblings, parents and children and friends.

In such cases, it is best to sit, chat, show how you’re feeling and come to a solution together.

6. Your life will be complete only find your soul mate

The famous song said “All you need is love” (ie, all you need is love ) and we will not deny that a love is one of the most important areas of a person ‘s life but it is not essential to be happy or feel full, by the way, a person must not depend on the other love to evaluate your life and your personal success.


Further, studies suggest that people who believe in soulmates who are only complete when together, have less capacity for forgiveness and lower tolerance on the other. Scientists and psychologists even suggest that those who live obsessed with finding your true soul mate, lives permanently discouraged and disillusioned and that people should seek their personal fulfillment in and out of a relationship!

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