good night love quotes

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Good night my good friends
May the difficulties
of our journey
not rob
our joy
of living,
our faith
in conquering …

I would like to leave you all my “GOOD EVENING”
in the certainty that you will sleep in peace and have a splendid dawn …

Good evening.
Our heart is read daily by others,
In the word we send,
in the sentence we write,
in the commitment we make or in the gestures
we practice … Kisses

Good evening!!
Our greatest glory is not that we never fall, but that we always get up after each fall …
That you have a great weekend in the soul …

Good evening!!! If today did not work, do not give up, tomorrow will be a new day, try again.

Good evening!!! If I was weak today, tomorrow I will start again differently.

Good night my good friends
Only the sun seems absent
From this gloomy evening
Fulfills its omnipotent role
Leaving the river boring
To go shine in the east …

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Helena, you’re not coming. Just good night.

Even though the night has already stretched, it is still time to say:
Good evening my friend !!!

After more than an hour
Continues a gentle and serene rain
Gives up the desire to increase the delay
In this city where I lived since small – good night love quotes

LIFE is an eternal passion,
we must fall in love with what we do, we have and desire
An ardor that moves us to accomplish and conquer the fruit of it
gives us life and strength to continue in the struggle … it
is the sweet seasoning of the heat of Our days.

Romantic Good Night Love Quotes

Sleep, to get closer to the dream, and
further from the impossible. Good evening!

Do not try to do Hari’s cosplay if you’re Jinx. Good evening.

Besides, I just want to stay on your side forever. Good night, my angel, and may our journey be full of joys and surprises

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Good night good night
Before bed,
remember me without smiling …
I want to see it succeed.

One good night; And before bed, thank God for today; And permission and strength for tomorrow. Having an attitude of gratitude is a wonder, or more. Have good dreams. To dream does not hurt anyone, bad is to have nightmares.

Good night my dear friends
Now everything is normalized
The energy has returned
The cell phone is loaded
The rain has stopped
The sun is gone without being photographed …

Good night my good friends
May your night be serene
even if your bed is small …
May your sunrise the sun warm
even if your dreams you forget …

Cute Good Night Love Quotes

I’m so happy, I cannot find words to say how much I like you. Good evening!

It’s never late,
good evening to you! It’s never too late to send a kiss and a hug to a person we like.

Once I got a note – if it’s a spell I’d rather be spellbound – A good night dear Witch!

But bah, I do not know if I’ll send you kisses or hugs on good night …
But I’ll send you both, because your friendship fills my spaces …

Maybe another good night will make you feel homesick and run to my house.

Time to let the darkness take over and wait for the sleep to arrive with the lights of the angels …
Good evening, friends !!!

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