deepest place on earth

It is well known that there are extensions of layers between the ground and the solid core of the Earth, somewhere around 6437 km away. But what is the closeness that a person can get to the core of the earth? There are places on Earth that naturally come to unbelievable depths, and then there are man – made structures that try to play it.
In this selection are highlighted the 10 deepest places on Earth. This selection could easily consist of no less than oceanic trenches, but for consideration of variety were included some other deep places, some of which are accessible, but most are not.

Well Woodingdean

Down to 259.08 meters below sea level, is Woodingdean Well digging by hand deeper in the world and was started in 1858. It took four years to complete and in total were 391.6 meters, although the initial plan was to dig 121.9 meters only. The hole is still there, deep, but it was covered in surface level.

Tagebau Hambach

The 292.9 meters below sea level, the Tagebau Hambach mine is a lignite mine opened in Elsdorf, Germany and is the deepest mine in the world open. The entire mine has 369.7 meters deep and contains the largest excavator in the world, which removes around 24,000 tons of lignite every day.

El Zacatón

Something that is not artificial, the hole deeper flow of the world. These sites are a natural phenomenon curious, since simply appear on Earth without warning and when this occurs in populated areas, the devastation can be terrible.
However, this is not new, Zacatón in Mexico has existed since Pleistocene, and is a resource natural beautiful, full of water. And follows the 338.9 meters, this below sea level, which was measured by an automated robot.

lake Baikal

Another natural wonder, the Lake Baikal in Russia is the deepest in the world, reaching down to 1641.9 meters. There have been enough exploration of the lake.
And with the Russian Academy of Sciences sending a small submersible down in 2008, they reached the depth of 1578.8 meters, failing to break the world record for the deepest freshwater dive.


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Cave Krubera Voronya

The Voronya cave in Georgia is the deepest cave in the world, down to 2196.9 meters. The cave actually has two names, Krubera was designated in the 1960s, because of the Russian geographer Alexander Kruber, but the explorers who came later called the cave “Cave Voronya”.

Kidd Mine

The Earth’s deepest mine is Mponeng in South Africa, at a depth of 3999.8 meters. However, the mine following the deeper below sea level is the Kidd in Ontario, Canada, which reaches 2733.1 meters below sea level.
The total depth is around 3048 meters and as far north as the It is characterized closest to the Earth’s center than any mine.

Litke Deep

Here the Arctic deep moat, Litke Deep in Eurasia basin. A 350 km north of the “Arctic desert” of Syalbard, it is one of Earth’s extremes, so as it is very deep, 5450.1 meters is also very cold. It is twenty deepest ocean trench in the world, and probably one of the most inhospitable places on the planet.

Milwaukee Deep

There are many deep pits in the Atlantic Ocean. But the deeper one is the Puerto Rico Trench, and specifically the Milwaukee Deep, which reaches 8741.6 meters below sea level.
It is found at 122.3 km north of Puerto Rico, and has the name because of USS Milwaukee, who discovered the depth on February 14, 1939, and recorded the reading of 8796.5 meters.

Mariana Trench

5 deeper moats are all in the Pacific Ocean, Tonga, Philippine, Kuril-Kamchatka and Kermadec, are all over 9144 meters deep, but the deepest of them is Mariana Trench in impressive depth of 10,970.9 meters.
Being the deepest in the world, has been the subject of quite operation and at one point there was intense competition between the entrepreneur Richard Branson and filmmaker James Cameron about who could reach the bottom first.

Kola Borehole Superdeep

The deepest place on Earth is somewhere that has never been accessed by humans, but is man – made. This is the Kola Superdeep Borehole and is the deepest hole ever drilled, to 12,262.1 meters, underground.
The current record holder for the largest cavity is Odoptu OP-11 well to 12345.01 meters, but Kola Borehole remains the hole deeper below the surface already drilled, then being leading position in this selection, the 10 deepest places on Earth.

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