Top 10 signs that you are addicted to social networksBeing “addicted” to social networks may sound ridiculous at first, but can actually be a serious problem. As well as being addicted to other things, addiction to social network can have consequences and negatively affect their lives. In this selection are highlighted 10 signs that you are addicted to social networking.

Do you plan the use of social networking

A real sign that there is likely to have a problem is if you spent time thinking about the social network or planning to use the same. You can be in a meeting at work where you really have no way to use the phone, but instead of listening to the boss himself, the reality is dreaming of checking facebook or instagram

Do you use social networking to forget their problems

Many people use social networking as a way to escape from their real problems. If too much time checking out what other people are doing, just so you can forget about their own problems, there is a risk of having another issue that was not realized.
Perhaps a better alternative would share some of the problems with the followers to be advised or consoled instead of sticking your head in the virtual sand.

You feel helpless

People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol may have physical withdrawal symptoms, and social media is something. If for any reason there is no way to access the mobile phone or computer for a long period of time, there is a possibility to start feeling restless or disturbed.
Being addicted to social network can not only mental, but could also affect the own physicist. Risk of getting agitated and roll in bed wanting to check Facebook account or Snapchat.

It is experiencing a negative impact

Although this type of environment can sometimes help worker productivity, an addiction to social networking can really take charge and make it difficult to even think about work. Just imagine teenagers at home trying to do homework, when the cell of them is very close, so definitely not a good combination.

Social networking is the main form of communication

There is nothing wrong with using a little bit of free time to be in the social network, but an interesting thing is that now many people are using it as their main form of communication.
Instead of using the phone to its known function call connection, or to send text messages, many people are using Facebook’s messenger as the main way to contact someone.

It’s the first thing you do in the morning

So what’s the first thing people do in the morning? Use the bathroom, take a shower, brush their teeth or gobble breakfast? The answer for many people is currently checking your social media accounts.
You can need to wake up 30 minutes before just to get enough time to check all social networks and see what’s going on that day.

You take pictures of everything

The person knows that is taking a lot of pictures when not even keep the photo in the personal album after post on the social network. The social networking platform like Facebook and Twitter encourage use of images.
While others like Instagram and Snapchat were made for just that. Even it may be interesting to see pictures of friends and family sometimes, people do not need to see 20 photos of each day the other.

You share too

Share too goes hand in hand with the draw and post as many photos on the social network accounts. There are things in abundance to post on social networks, but there are some things that should be kept to yourself.
If you want to keep everyone informed about the important things in life, go ahead, but people do not need to know everything, every detail .

It is the basis of self-esteem

Search make people curtam or retuitem threads of the social network is acceptable, but leave their online popularity to determine self-esteem, can actually turn into a big problem. Being addicted to social networking is bad, but depend on it is even worse.

Reload obsessively

The worst sign is addicted to social networks is to update obsessively. If you like to see who responds or likes tweets, or just can not wait for the last post of favorite celebrity, update over and over again is a clear sign that you have a problem with social networking.
Many social networking apps automatically update then show that can not wait for an extra few seconds is a real bad sign of being addicted to social networks.

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