top-things-about-the-female-period-that-men-will-never-understandMen often do not understand what is happening during the woman’s menstrual cycle. This is the natural method body to prepare the woman to procreate and delivery, which also features a very difficult time for them. In this selection are highlighted 10 things about the female period that men will never understand.

The uterus swells to ridiculous sizes

A medium uterus, healthy and empty, i.e. without pregnancy, and appears in any normal day of the month. When the woman is in her period, the uterus is twice as high and twice as heavy. It is no wonder that women have pain, because the size is huge! The uterus actually doubles in size and weight while the woman is in her period.

The woman will ruin at least one outfit in the month

Even if women have caution to control their own periods, the excitement comes, and something will happen that will ruin the clothes of women. Sometimes they are not brought enough absorbent when she is away from home all day, for example.

Periods are totally unpredictable

The periods vary in intensity from month to month. It can be mild and painless in a month, and then as a bloody scene next month. Yes, it’s disgusting! And women have to deal with it every month. It is difficult to plan for the future when the bodies shaking things on monthly basis.

The TPM does not happen while the woman is in the period

Men tend to blame the intense emotional reactions and hormonal surges on the female period. Women’s hormones appear before periods.
There is a wide variety of symptoms that come with PMS, tender breasts, food cravings, fatigue, migraines and depression, to name a few. Just as the intensity of a period, the intensity of the TPM varies.

The lining of the uterus is being lost, and it hurts

Before and during ovulation, when women are more likely to become pregnant, estrogen and progesterone accumulate in the lining of the uterus of women.
If a woman is pregnant, the fertilized egg attaches to this coating, and nourish the egg. If a woman is not pregnant, then the levels of these hormones decline and the uterine lining and unfertilized egg are removed because they are no longer needed.
The female body releases a mixture of natural chemicals that make the lining of the walls of the uterus. It’s like peeling a veneer of wood piece. And out gradually, with time and rubbing. Now just imagine the same process in the uterus, it hurts.

Upload unlimited supply absorbers is expensive and upsets

If the woman is in her period, you have to carry at least three absorbent, more extras, depending on how intense the period is that day, and is still more necessary to control the pain that comes with this stage. Not to mention the money spent in relation to vaginal bleeding every time, which is not little.

The energy of the woman disappears

When the female comes period, the female energy disappears for the foreseeable future. Before having medications to control the pain of menstrual cramps or hygiene products to keep clean, women in their periods were on bed rest at that stage. The body is going through a lot and needs rest.

They want to eat everything, but everything is bad

The period is the insatiably hungry women. It is part of the body feeling like that in a recovery state. Women want to sleep and want food.
Hormones growing as the female period balance with serotonin and cortisol. Therefore, women crave foods rich in these chemicals, such as fried foods and sugar. Unfortunately, after eating all, women feel nausea with incurable. The nausea that accompanies periods can be caused by several factors.

Women want to have sex, but do not touch

When women are in their periods, they feel sick. That does not mean do not want to have sex. The fluctuating hormones of them leave them excited, it is simply confusing. When having sex with someone in the period, it is almost guaranteed to be different from any other time. She feels sick, the body hurts, and it does not feel sexy.

The cycles of women do not synchronize

Here’s another urban myth, when women spend time together, their cycles synchronize. False. Although there are theories, absolutely no clinical evidence that this happens.
If this is true, it is due to pheromones women after acquire live with each other for long periods of time. However, there really proof. Most of these theories arises from women who lived together and said periods have stories about the same time.

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