top-10-pickup-trucks-worlds-most-expensiveThe pickup trucks are the basic need of most people when they need to carry more baggage, people, while traveling to distant places. They have strength and power to carry up to a ton on the roads. And in this selection are highlighted the 10 pickup trucks more expensive in the world in the production line.

GMC Sierra 1500 4WD Denali

GMC is a brand that is known for creating sharp and sturdy cars for people passionate about travel very latest technology. This is one of his last pickup trucks introduced in the market with a price of US $ 52,860.
Most people think it’s a truck, but it is not true, because it has full leather interior and V8 engine in it, which has 355 horsepower, showing its high capacity.

Ford F-250 Platinum

It is a super truck respect so classic and leading the market for many years. It is available in different shapes and colors and sold at a high price of US $ 54,077. And it comes with V8 engine, Powerstroke diesel engine, and many other latest features. Its interior is super luxurious and highlights with all the latest technology.

Chevrolet Silverado 2500 4WD High Country

Here comes the well known brand Chevrolet with its luxury pickup truck that is specially produced for heavy duty with high price of US $ 56,875.
It is the luxury vehicle that is considered as the best family hauler with 7 wheels to provide the perfect driving. It is very attractive and luxurious pickup truck, the best routes for long and comfortable trips with special class.

GMC Sierra 2500 Denali

Again, here comes the truck GMC is one option heavy both in price of US $ 57,745. Its latest edition also added special 4 wheels on the market, which is very comfortable and luxurious super.
And it comes with V8 engine, 360 horsepower turbo engine that is the reason to be high value. And it presents all the inner skills of luxury and glamor being decorated with aluminum and leather material.

Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD

Chevrolet again appears with a perfect and latest pickup which is also a 4 wheels and comes with V8 engine that has 360 horsepower and nearly turbocharged Duramax, which is incredible feature in it.
And it’s not a cheap option because its price is US $ 57,975, but its price will not disappoint buyers. The version of the Silverado is amazing and the next version in 2017 should surprise people again.

RAM 2500 Power Wagon Laramie

It is the product that was first introduced in 1940 and is still present in the market with many improvements and innovations in it. It’s super heavy service model available at a price of US $ 57,040. The whole of this car interior is made of pure leather and wood.

RAM 3500 Crew Cab Limited

RAM 3500 is considered as the most powerful truck, luxurious and more resistant on the market being sold at a high price of $ 70,000.
It is made in very limited numbers to increase their demand and comes with V8 engine that has 6-speed gearbox automatic therein. The turbo diesel is also available in the market with almost US $ 9,000 more expensive than normal value because of their specialty.

GMC Sierra 3500 Denali 2WD DURAMAX

Here appears GMC Sierra 3500 that is slightly larger than standard trucks which are sold, but its price reaches $ 70,000. And it presents with a turbo engine that comes with 2 double wheels, and full of totally interesting interior specialties for this high price, is third in this selection of 10 pickup trucks more expensive in the world.
It is considered as the truck more powerful already introduced the market, the company believes to introduce another powerful monster in the years that will completely shock the public.

Ford F-150 Platinum Supercab

Ford F0150 is the pickup of best selling, high aluminum product and completely worth the price, which is more than $ 70,000, and second place in this selection of 10 pickup trucks more expensive in the world.
It is the company’s newest product introduced in market and suitable for those who want a pickup truck with luxury like a Mercedes, and this car is exactly as such.

Ford F-450 Platinum

Finally here we present the best and most expensive truck available in the world at the price of $ 78,000. It is made with the latest technology and latest market introduction for all car lovers. It is a very stylish pickup truck, and is the most powerful, also because of its features and interior make it luxurious and best choice in the world, with leading position in this selection of 10 pickup trucks more expensive in the world.
It is also available in the market F -250 and F-350 Platinum, which contains only the difference in their capabilities. There are also the engine options 6.7 Power Stroke diesel V8 and the 6.2 petrol.

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